A note on optimizing the economy of the country to increase national power

Document Type : Original Article


1 Basic Science of Imam Ali University,Tehran, Iran

2 Phd in statistics, Persian Gulf University of Bushehr

3 Department of institute of logistics, defense technology and passive defense, higher national defense university, Tehran, Iran


There have been numerous attempts by experts to measure countries' power. The results of the research indicate that one of the most important indicators affecting national power is the economic factor. A survey of the empowering parameters of many powers in the world shows that economic prosperity, national production, and industries export are among the most important reasons for empowering a number of countries. Therefore, in order to plan for the promotion of the national status and power of the country, it is necessary to examine the factors affecting the economic factor and patterns of world economic trade. So studying the trends of the world economy and its influential resources in order to plan for optimal management of resources and planning necessary to increase the economic and defense power of the country is necessary. In this regard, the current research examines the patterns of world economic trade, transport, and infrastructure, water, and their interactions.


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