Quadripartitioned Single-Valued Neutrosophic Parameterized Soft Sets and Their Applications in Decision Making

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Mathematics, Umakanta Academy, Agartala-799001, Tripura, India



The single-valued neutrosophic set (SVNS) is developed to tackle indeterminacy involve in various problems that we encounter in the real world. The SVNS is characterized by the three independent membership functions namely the truth-membership, indeterminacy-membership, and the falsity-membership functions. Then the SVNS is further generalized by introducing the quadripartitioned single-valued neutrosophic set(QSVNS) in which the indeterminacy component is divided into two parts called contradiction and uncertainty. On the other hand, the soft set (SS) theory is introduced to model uncertainty parametrically and it is free from setting the membership function. The main purpose to present this paper is to introduce the notion of quadripartitioned single-valued parameterized soft sets(QSVPSSs) as an extension of neutrosophic parameterized soft sets(NPSSs), proposed by Broumi et al. in 2014. Then we define various set-theoretic operations and obtain new results on QSVPSSs. Also, we propose a decision-making algorithm under the QSVPSS environment. In the end, we give a practical application of the proposed algorithm.