Transmission network expansion planning using crow search algorithm

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1 M. Tech Scholar SKIT

2 Swami Keshvanand Institute of Technology, Management & Gramothan, India


In the power market, the rapidly growing demand for power is a challenging task. Power production is also a difficult job with scarce fossil fuel supplies. There are many interconnected operations involved in running and managing the power grid. Expansion of the transmission line is a workaround by the addition of transmission circuits to satisfy aggressive load demand. The proposal for expansion should be cost-effective and sustainable. With the aid of optimization algorithms, the challenge of expansion has been solved in recent years. This paper first explains various aspects and solution techniques of transmission expansion planning by taking inspiration from this fact, and then the implementation of the Crow Search Algorithm (CSA) is stated to solve the problem of Transmission Expansion Planning (TEP). Two standard bus systems namely the Graver 6 bus system and the Brazilian 46-bus system are used for experiment to measure the effectiveness of CSA. CSA is a competitive algorithm which has been shown its outperformance very well in some literature.


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