Special issue on "Theory and application of optimization techniques in present day scenario"

Annals of Optimization Theory and Practice

Special Issue

Theory and application of optimization techniques in present day scenario


Optimization algorithms are one of the finest and significant emerging technologies inmodern times and systematic methods to deal with the present day complicated problems of academia and industry. It is one of the most vitaltechniques in advance computing and artificial intelligence. Optimization problems are everywhere and so proper optimization techniques are necessary to deal with different types of optimization problems, as no single optimization technique can deal with all sorts of optimization problems. It has wide-ranging application prospects in intelligent systems, fuzzy logic and fuzzy systems, control and synchronization, fault diagnosis systems, medical, data analysis, evidence theory, evidential reasoning, knowledge discovery, engineering design, multi-criteria decision making and so on. In short, it can be said the optimization techniques have applications in almost all branch of humanities, science and technology including medical sciences. That is the reason that so manyoptimization techniques are developed by researchers worldwide. At the same time, it should be noticed thatdevelopment of optimal solutions by any technique should be cheaper, faster, efficient and sustainable. Formulation of decision-making problems and application of optimization techniques are really complex in present day real-life problems. To deal with those, a wide variety of optimization techniques and methodologies are being used to minimize risks or improve quality for making consistent decisions.The aim of this special issue is to present some current developments in the area of optimization theory, methods, and applications of those developments in engineering, science and industry.


Subject Coverage

Suitable topics include, but are not limited, to the following:

- Optimization algorithms and theory
- Application of optimization process
- Real world optimization problem
- Uncertainty optimization (fuzzy/intuitionistic/neutrosophic)
- Multi-criteria decision making


Important Dates

Submission of manuscripts due by: 10 April, 2021

Reviewing results notification to authors: 10 June, 2021

Submission of final versions due by: 10 August, 2021


Guest editors

1.     Dr. Apu Kumar

Associate Professor

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Tripura, India

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2.     Dr. Papiya Debnath

Assistant Professor

Department of Basic Science and Humanities

Techno International Newtown

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3.     Dr. M.V. Rama Rao


Department of Civil Engineering

Vasavi College of Engineering, Hyderabad

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4.     Dr. Sankar Prasad Mondal

Assistant Professor

Department of Applied Science

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